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Hydrolysation of marine collagen peptides

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Is our marine collagen complex 100% hydrolyzed?

What is a Dalton?

So this is a question if our marine collagen is 100% hydrolyzed and another related question about the Dalton of our collagen supplement.

Yes, our collagen is 100% hydrolysed.

We know that collagen has a molecule size of maybe 30,000 Daltons, but the pores in the gut are much smaller than this.

That’s why for effective absorption, collagen must go through a process called hydrolysis.

This process breaks down collagen into smaller Dalton sizes.

Our collagen peptides have small particles & low molecular weight of 2000 Daltons due to advanced hydrolyzation, hence maximum bioavailability & absorption.


-- Written by Hala, founder of Dietapplements

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