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How it all started....

marine collagen peptides

Hello, this is Hala, Dietapplements' founder :-)


We are a family-owned business in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


Our manufacturer is 20-minute drive away from us. We have a close relationship with them :-) 


This is going to be an emotional article for me because it is so personal.


I was asked, how I got from being a housewife with a part-time writing job to running my own dietary supplement business.


In my twenties and before I have my child, I used to warm up at the gym for 30 minutes, do 1 high intensity resistance class for 1 full hour then swim for 35 minutes.


This routine was brilliant and I felt just more than capable. I had great afternoons.


I’m a late entrepreneur. It started 10 years ago when I hit 35 years old, that dreaded age, and “hit” is the right word for it, trust me!


At that time, I experienced very bad premature - that’s what I’d like to think – premature signs of ageing.


My face was sagging. I felt sluggish, rough, I was exhausted most of the time.


I noticed decreased energy and cohesion at the gym and an overall feeling of being down and lethargic after workout, it was scary.


I felt different. my body was different. Something unwelcoming was happening.


Cheeks that were so plump one day were sliding down South!


It just wasn’t a good time for me.


Then I had my only daughter two years later and that seriously aggravated the situation with the lack of sleep and proper nutrients, lack of sunshine because I struggled to leave the house with a small baby.


So after days and days of research, whenever I got a chance between toddler’s mushed meals, I came to know collagen.


I tried almost EVERY collagen out there, made in the UK and out of the UK, capsules, tablets, powder, liquids, liquids were a new thing back then.


Nothing agreed with me, I was annoyed at the stomach ache, the heartburn, the odours, the additives I had in my supplements.


Do I really need bulking agents in my diet? No, I’ll pass!


Those supplements also lacked the vital vitamins and minerals that support skin, hair, nails and vitality and I had to pop more pills during the day.


So I came to the conclusion that the UK can do better!


But... now what?! I needed the good stuff, and that’s when I decided to make my own collagen!


It was a bit audacious considering I had no clue about businesses, but I was clever enough to find my amazing manufacturer here in the UK and we started the hard work.


What I thought might take a couple of months took well over a year of product development till we’ve made my very first collagen formula... and the result restored my faith in supplements.


After the success of that product and backed by some of the best nutritionists in this country, including Shona Wilkinson, we have created clean-label, free-from supplements to target the whole body with pure, natural and, most importantly, ethical formulas, boasting free-from capsules, NEVER tabletshere in pretty Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


Aiming to pioneer the clean-label concept in the supplement industry, we believe that science can be the answer to many difficult questions, especially in these troubling times of COVID and others.


Not consuming enough nutrients is a modern-day health issue and we’re set to change this shortcoming by always formulating complexes.


Why complexes, you wonder?


Because single-ingredient supplements lack the micronutrients that push botanicals and superfood to function at their best.


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-- Written by Hala, founder of Dietapplements

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