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Hydraulic Acid

We are a family-owned business based in sunny Kent :-)

Aiming to pioneer the clean-label concept in the supplement industry, we believe that science can be the answer to many difficult questions, especially in these troubling times.

Not consuming enough nutrients is a modern-day health issue and we’re set to change this shortcoming by always formulating complexes as single-ingredient supplements lack the micronutrients that push vital ingredients to be at their best.

It’s all started when I, Hala, founder of Dietapplements, felt the need to produce my own collagen & hyaluronic complex to deal with premature (or that’s what I’d like to think!) sign of ageing. When I hit 35 years old (this dreaded age and "Hit" is the word for it!) and noticed decreased energy and cohesion at the gym, cheeks that were so plump one day sliding down South, it was time to have collagen in my kitchen.

I tried EVERYTHING! Made in the UK and elsewhere, powder & non powder, and came to the conclusion that the UK can do better.

Powder gave me stomachache, liquid caused heartburn and pills smelled and contained dangerous additives.

Do I really need bulking & anti-caking agents in my daily diet?

Supplements also lacked the micronutrients that push collagen and hyaluronic acid to be at their best.

Powered by a love of supplements & science and backed by some of the best nutritionists in the UK, including Shona Wilkinson, leading UK nutritionist, I set out on a mission to create a clean-label brand and following the success of our collagen product, we went on to create natural, pure supplements, targeting the whole body with unique formulas, boasting free-from capsules, NEVER tablets.

UK-based facility manufactures our products according to GMP, GHP, HACCP system & Inspected by FDA and AIB International.

We are also proud to donate 20p to Action Medical Research for children for every item sold of all our product. Our bottles proudly carry Action Medical Research’s logo and we appreciate working with them.

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