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Sustainable Collagen

For a better future and a cleaner earth,

Sustainability fishing & eco-friendly processes are one of our priorities.


Our marine collagen - where do we get it?

Our highly bioactive and bio-available collagen peptides are made in a food-certified facility in France, and this is the closest wild, ethically-harvested wild fish to the UK we could find.


We never use farmed fish, no ageing fish fed with hormones or antibiotics.


The fish is harvested from the clear waters of the North-East Atlantic Ocean, they call it Zone 27 where they harvest the fish.



How do we make our collagen?

To make the collagen, the French facility uses fish by-products, specifically fish skin, which means that they recycle no-value skin & reduce waste for fishmongers.


They take very strict measures to ensure full sustainability and protection of the environment, so the facility uses a green process with zero waste.

They also use water extraction only in production, never any solvents or chemicals.


They also support small fishmongers' income and livelihood. Fishmongers use old-fashioned fishing techniques, everything is done using nets, nothing explosive.

We know you care that about the environment and we do, too and we try our best not to allow our business to negatively affect our planet.

Absolutely nothing explosive or massive in this fishing method.


Facility in the UK 

On the other hand, our facility in the UK uses 100% recyclable, green processes.


We use 100% renewable, green energy - a UK first - in production.


This green energy is coming from wind and solar sources.


The energy used to power the factory is called Ecotricity and it’s approved by the Vegan Society.


All of our packaging uses fully-recyclable or biodegradable materials and we have a robust recycling policy.

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