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Why Dietapplements?!

Promise to you for collagen supplementsOur promise to you

How are our collagen, biotin, maca, apple cider vinegar and glucosamine supplements are made? 

- Pure    No coating or bulking agents
- Free-from    Never additives or fillers
- Clean-label    Only active ingredients
- Innovative    Always formulas - many products in 1
- Love it    or your money back! Just send us a message!
- Eco friendly    Made with100% renewable, green energy
- Ethical    We trace our collagen, glucosamine & superfood
- Credible    GHP, HACCP, ISO Class 8, member of HFMA, inspected by FDA & , approved by Health Canada, certified by the MHRA for GMP

Why are our supplements a lifestyle must?

And why Dietapplements over all other companies?

We are a British business owned and run by one family that puts your well-being above everything else.

It's People above profits for us.

Our exclusive formulas are made in the oldest and most science-oriented dietary supplement manufacturer in the UK.

The facility never processes synthetic drugs, heavy metals, anabolic steroids, pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilizers or pollutants.

Irradiation and genetic engineering are not used in any of our operations or the operations of our suppliers.

Many supplements have been imported from Asia and the USA then packaged in the UK.

Our collagen, biotin, maca, apple cider vinegar and glucosamine supplements are made right here in the UK, and so rest assured our formulas are produced to the highest scientific standards in the EU.

Every batch is subject to relentless, independent testing and assessment to ensure quality and freshness.

All ingredients are microbiologically examined and released by an accredited laboratory in the UK.

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