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For Eyes

For Eyes

The first biomedical application of HA took place in late 1950s when HA was used for a vitreous substitution/replacement during eye surgery. We offer 200mg a serving of hyaluronic acid in our beauty/sports formula, a fantastic value and more than any product can offer in a pure capsule form.

HA is available in almost all body fluids and tissues, such as the synovial fluid, the vitreous humor of the eye, and hyaline cartilage.

It is also involved in several important biological functions, such as regulation of cell adhesion and cell motility, manipulation of cell differentiation and proliferation, and providing mechanical properties to tissues.

Several cell surface receptors have been shown to interact with HA influencing cellular processes including wound repair and inflammation. Moreover, HA is responsible for providing the viscoelasticity of some biological fluids (synovial fluid and vitreous humor of the eye) and controlling tissue hydration and water transport.

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