Why we do what we do...

We donates 20p to Action
Medical Research, a registered charity,
number 208701, for every item sold.
Action Medical Research is a UK-wide
charity, saving and changing children’s
lives through medical research.

Hair Complex

This complex provides nutrients that contribute to the maintenance of normal hair with Biotin, Zinc, Selenium; skin with Biotin, Zinc, B2, B3; nails with Zinc, Selenium;energy-yielding metabolism with Biotin, C,B2, B3, B5, Iron;normal functioning of the nervous system with Biotin, C, B2 & B3; the immune system with Zinc, C, D3, Selenium, Iron; protection of cells from oxidative stress with Zinc, C, E, B2, Selenium; reduction of fatigue with C, B2, B3, B5, Iron.

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