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How long before you noticed a difference?

So consumers ask me, how long before they notice a difference when they take our products.

It is very challenging to answer this question with a specific time-frame.

We don't know your health conditions or your aims from consuming the product.

We are all very different people with different systems and it's hard to tell, there just isn't a catch-all answer for when supplements kick in.


However, as a general rule, the more severely deficient you are in a certain vitamin or mineral, the faster you'll see a difference.

But it may take longer to restore optimal levels of that nutrient.

This is because the body needs time to adjust to the new compound and for the supplement to build up in the body to a level that is high enough to have the maximum effect.

So to try to answer your question, in most cases, consumers usually take advantage of supplements, all of them, not only ours, in 3 months.

But please remember, the most bioavailable vitamins and minerals come from food, not supplements.

Supplements are just that, to supplement your diet, and they are NOT a substitute for fresh, wholesome food or for exposure to the sun.


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-- Written by Hala, founder of Dietapplements

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