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Glucosamine forms and the salt content

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Glucosamine forms and the salt content, what is best for you?

What is the difference between true glucosamine and what we read on the label? How to read the label in the first place?

It is tricky because different glucosamine salts are being used to provide glucosamine.

These salts can be glucosamine sulphate 2KCL or glucosamine hydrochloride, and each form provides a different amount of true glucosamine.

Therefore, when it says glucosamine sulphate on the label, this is not true glucosamine.

This is the ingredient that the factory puts in the capsule to give you true glucosamine.

From this ingredient, your body absorbs true glucosamine and there is no way for us to only add true glucosamine because true glucosamine alone is just not an ingredient. It has to come from other forms.

In 2007, Trading Standards said that the quantity of true glucosamine must be declared on the label to allow consumers to compare products because it will be misleading to mention just glucosamine sulphate only.

This figure is always higher than true glucosamine. Now, you really need to pay attention to how much true glucosamine you have on your supplement.

When it says glucosamine sulphate 2KCL. This is not what you should be looking at.

We should look at the line below which says Glucosamine 1100 milligrams. This is true glucosamine.

The dosage we have in our formula is the highest, legally permitted glucosamine on the market.

This ingredient is sodium free, zero salt. Please ensure that the supplement you choose is salt free because a high intake of salt can increase your blood pressure.

We already consume too much salt in our daily diet. I'm guilty of that, too!

-- Written by Hala, founder of Dietapplements

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