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Who inspired our bones and joints formula?

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Why is our bones and joints product so different?

I actually can’t tell you this without mentioning the story of how we came up with this formula.

It was my mum who inspired it!

I saw her one day taking 6 tablets, yes 6!

Two were glucosamine with chondroitin.

Two were turmeric, ginger and black pepper.

And two were vitamins and minerals to help support her bones & joints.

And I thought, dear me! That’s a lot, and on one go!

She was also taking tablets, so by default full of additives.

Because to get this compressed, glued shape of a tablet, manufacturers must add bulking agents to glue all the powder ingredients together.

But... with capsules, ingredients are simply flowing freely inside the capsule.

So, I approached nutritionist Shona Wilkinson and told her,

“Can we do anything about this?” “Can we put all those products together?”

And it was possible… inside capsules with zero additives or fillers.

We have a genius production team that could squeeze three different products into one formula.

Lastly, please remember, supplements must not replace a varied, balanced diet & a healthy lifestyle.

So get your vitamin C from oranges, guys.


-- Written by Hala, founder of Dietapplements

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