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Is our glucosamine and chondroitin complex ethical?

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So consumers ask me, "why have you made the decision not to use marine-based glucosamine and chondroitin?"


Some glucosamine come from crustaceans, specifically shellfish, and some chondroitin come from sharks.

We’ve never used these resources.


Why? We are all aware of the decreasing numbers of sharks in our oceans.


We’re just not convinced that sharks are a renewable resource and we’re concerned by the cruelty of shark fishing.


It is so sad that the demand for sharks has led to the depletion of this amazing fish.


So which chondroitin do we use?

We use avian chondroitin which is a by-product of the avian industry.

Manufacturers recycle no-value material & reduce waste for local farms.


This has also meant that we could get the ingredient from the UK, reducing our carbon footprint.


What about the source of glucosamine?

Similarly, the crustacean industry is so invasive that some crustaceans are now endangered due to over-fishing, so we have chosen to use a sustainable, easily-grown plant that yields glucosamine, which is non-GMO corn.

This produces 2% only of the waste compared to shellfish glucosamine.


Here at Dietapplements, it is our priority to fully trace ingredients to make sure they are well-regulated and ethically-sourced.

This scrutinised approach also includes all the botanicals, roots and herbs we use in our products.


We know that you care about the environment and we try our best to be more eco-proactive and not allow our business to harm our planet.


-- Written by Hala, founder of Dietapplements

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